Your Makeup Collection: How much is too much?

Your Makeup Collection: How much is too much? – By Ruby Kwong

When you girls (or guys… if this is your thang) first glance at your vanity, your washroom counter, or wherever you keep your make-up, what does it look like? Do you think it’s too much make-up, or do you think you need more? Chances are, if your make-up collection looks like an aisle at your local Sephora, or could pass for a M.A.C. counter, you are owning too much make-up at one time.

I’m no expert, but if you aren’t a make-up artist, and your make-up collection looks like this, clearly you have a hoarding problem. 😛

Seriously. So crazy right? Like.. who needs all that..

Naturally, girls have a tendency to like to “collect” (*ahem* hoard) things, whether it be shoes, bags, accessories, and in this case, make-up. So I’m not surprised that many girls would share and delight in each other’s pictures of their make-up collections on the internet.

Personally, I am guilty of this. Shocker, I know. I have way more make-up than I can ever use. I have a whole container of unopened packages of eyeliners, mascaras, and lip balms; you know… just in case there’s an earthquake or something. I want to be prepared and stocked up! I’ve never used up a single eyeshadow in my life, and I have around 50 different ones, if not more. I’m not going to be able to use up every single colour unless I decide to make my eyes look like peacock feathers everyday.

My mom has the same problem as me. She has over 10 lipsticks that look exactly the same colour on her lips. (Talk about a generational curse, huh? LOL)

Make-up Expires!

No joke. Even if you have tons of opened make-up products stored neatly and you sanitize them, they can still go bad, grow bacteria and cause infections! Think about walking around with an infected eye oozing with puss for a month just b/c you used an old mascara. Nasty. That actually happened to someone I knew in school once. Let’s just say… her eye become way more interesting than what was written on the board during class.

Each type of product has an approximate expiration lifespan (Source:

• Powders/shadows: 2 years
• Foundation: 1 year
• Lipstick: 1 year
• Mascaras: 3-6 months

It actually says on the packaging how long you’re supposed to keep the product until you need to throw it out. An example of my own make-up:

1. My concealer – Expiration Date: 12 months – Yeup. Definitely used that for over 12 months.
2. My foundation – Expiration Date: 12 months – Ditto.
3. Mascara – Expiration Date: 6 months – Thank God this is an unopened mascara so I’m safe (for now).
4. Bronzer – Expiration Date: 24 months – not there yet! *phew*

The Essentials

The most ideal solution to prevent you from having too many products, I guess, is to limit yourself to only one thing of each product. Buy what you need and use it until it’s all gone (or until the expiration date, and just get a new one after). Like I said, this is ideal, and common sense really..

Here’s what would be in my “essential” make-up bag IF I were to have one. These are things I use on a daily basis:

So the next time you buy another lipstick or another blush, ask yourself this:
• What do I have at home already that’s similar to this?
• Would I use this more than 3 times a week?
• Do I NEED another blush that probably looks exactly the same on my cheeks as the rest of the 30 other blushes I have at home?

Bottom Line: How does this relate to God?

The bottom line is, even though we know the truth that we probably have too much, and want too much (myself included), we tend to ignore the fact that we need our essentials more than the extras.

We always yearn for something more than just the basics, not just with make-up for girls, but with God too. How many times have we wanted God to do this for us, do that for us, and we get mad at Him when He doesn’t do what we want Him to? We all want the ideal life, family, car, house: the works. In society these days, we desire all that and we look forward to seeing how God will bless us in those areas. But what if He doesn’t and you’ve been waiting a while? Then what happens? What happens to your trust and faith in Him? Do you want the things He can do for you or do you want God for who He is?

So let’s all just strip all the extra “things” away and bring it back to the essentials. And the essential is ultimately Jesus. Before we long for the miracles and the blessings, let’s set our eyes on Jesus, because He is ultimately our greatest blessing. It is His timing, not ours. Through Him, all things are possible.

Like how it goes in Tim Hughes’ song, Everything, God in my living, eating, sleeping, laughing, and even hurting, let God be Your everything. Let Him be the foundation for your faith and life, because unlike make-up, God’s love for you has no expiration date. ☺

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Keep on dreaming!
❤ Ruby

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