From Ghetto to not so Ghetto…

I have a ghetto ride.

When I say my car is ghetto, I don’t mean ghetto, as in ghetto fabulous.  It’s not a tricked-out-pimped-my-ride-Snoop dogg-hydrolic-blinged-out-front-grill-LV-purple fur-kinda ghetto.  It is ghay-toe.  As in, kind-of-embarrassing-why-am-I-driving-this-I-hope-you-don’t break-down-kinda ghetto.

Photo 2013-01-18 11 55 10 AM

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining.  It runs well-ish, it gets me where I need to go, and I never have to worry about where to park (I can park anywhere cause it’s so ghetto), but the way it looks is pretty fugly.  The paint is peeling and the colour, well let’s just say, I don’t know what colour it is.  Is it brown?  Is it   grey?  Who knows!  I like to call it a dirty bronzy silver brown…?!?  Anyway, what makes it the most ghetto is the window on the driver’s side.  One day I rolled down the power window and when it came time to roll it up…well Toyoto-san decided that it didn’t want to do that any more.

Photo 2013-01-18 11 54 55 AM

So, for about six months, my driver’s side window won’t roll up.  In the summer it was fine and tolerable except I can’t really go anywhere outside of Richmond (I am afraid of it getting broken into) and the occasional bug that might fly in.  However, in the winter and in the rain, it is the definition of ghetto.  The seats get totally wet and so I have to keep a towel in my car to mop of the rain water.  Also, since the car window doesn’t fully seal at the top, I can’t get my car washed…so it is permanently dirty (which drives me nuts!).

I could get it fixed.  However, in the the effort to be efficient and save time, I decided just to make a wedge for my window to keep it from slipping down.  I could use duct tape, but then I would have to buy some.

Photo 2013-01-18 11 55 02 AM

The only thing I had on hand was a empty bag of Chinese chestnuts that I folded into a rectangular wedge to prop the sliding window, up.

Photo 2013-01-18 11 56 16 AM    Photo 2013-01-18 11 56 23 AM

See, it works pretty well!

Photo 2013-01-18 11 55 58 AM

Now, overtime, I have kinda stretched out the gap between the window and the side paneling and now I have to find a thicker wedge (maybe a big bag of chips).  Also, now the window doesn’t fully close at the top and rain always gets in…always.  So, the conclusion of the situation is that I can’t drive out of Richmond, I can’t park anywhere for too long, I can’t drive when it rains (sorta), and I am always at risk for break-in.  What seemed like a good and quick fix, is now falling apart.

People love quick fixes.  I know I do ’cause I love efficiency.  Temporary fixes dot our everyday lives and some are more subconscious or done without us ever realizing it.  For example, it is easier to have sex than to find true intimacy.  It is easier to rebound to a guy who you find sorta, kinda, okay rather than wait out for an amazing guy.  It is easier to make instant noodles, rather than make your own ramen.  It is easier to sweep everything under the rug, store it in the garage, than to sort and clear everything out.  It is easier to eat a pint of ice cream than to sort out your relationship with food.  It is easier to have an affair or just “not talk about it” than deal with your marriage.

Whatever your situation may be, most of us have some area that we have a Chinese chestnut package wedge.  By no means does this mean we are bad, evil or whatever, but we do so, because it’s convenient.  The scary part is that how many of us have tricked ourselves into thinking that the temporary fix is the permanent solution…well, until everything starts falling apart.  We sacrifice things we don’t even realize we are sacrificing (i.e. in my situation, I sacrificed the freedom to drive and to park anywhere, at anytime I want).

I think it is easy to approach Christianity and God in the same way.  We take what is convenient and we leave out the things that are troublesome and makes us uncomfortable.  What inevitably happens, if you continue to venture further down this road, is that Truth becomes inconvenient because it gets in the way of what you want.  That sucks.  So, God will “test” us (don’t think exam, think of a test where all the answers are given to you and you are set up to succeed), in various ways to see if we want Him (all of Him) rather than what is convenient.  So we can choose, convenience or obedience?  Hard choice sometimes, but when we choose all of Him, we will get blessed (physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual) out of our minds!

Okay, so writing this post has convicted me to get my window fixed.  I don’t want temporary fixes.  I want to invite God (and my mechanic) into all my situations (not my mechanic).

I choose all of Him, not just the comfortable parts.  You know why?  Because I can trust Him.  He is the permanent solution.  He won’t fall apart.  I can trust Him.  He is faithful.  I can trust Him.

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